Notice Based on the Law Governing Specific Commercial Transactions

On our staff does not speak English. For queries, you may take some time to translate. Please note.

In order for us to provide good things cheaper, while our views will be simple packaging.
Please for your understanding.

Our material, we Stock merchandise. Therefore, due to shortages and manufacturers in stock and may not respond to your request.
If there is no stock, and notify you by email. Also, the color of the product by monitoring your environment,
and may differ from actual products. Please note.

Cancel your return will not be accepted in principle.

The quality of our product every effort to ensure that, if it is different if the order had been defaced or damaged items will be refunded any chance bon appétit.
In that case, thank you contact us within 1 week after delivery.

Pleaese! Item request!!

Do you find the products you want?
If not found, We look for goods and sell to you.

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