Janome gasa

Trad Japan
bangasa bangasa bangasa bangasa bangasa
Item Number Ju003
Item Name Janomegasa
Price 8,800 YEN
98 U.S.dollars 73 euros
Packing weight about 1,000g
Size About
 Length 75cm,
 Diameter 105cm
Other Ribs: (Bamboo) 44
Stick (hand): Black paint, Tou-maki.
Umbrella cloth: Paper
*oil have been painted.
Fittings: Cloth bag

It is waterproof so that you can also use it on the rainy day. In order to use long more, we suggest that you should dry it in the shade after use.

In addition, the Japanese umbrella is manufactured by hand of all craftsmen. To each product, there are individual differences.
And so the error of color shades and sizes.
Please be forewarned.

About the Japanese Umbrella

Japanese Umbrella is made of Japanese papers.
But you can use this umbrella even on rainy days!
Because it is anoint repeatedly oil on papers.
And therefore, it is a very strong smell of oil. Whenever opening it and ventilating, it smells soft.

Japanese umbrella has a characteristic that whenever we use it, a part of white background will change color to light brown.
The oil is oxidized as time goes by.
That’s why we have to oil on the papers again.

When finished using on rain day, please wipe the water with a dry cloth and keep opening this umbrella while drying in the shade. By doing so, you can use it more.

Do you know how different is between Janome-gasa from Ban-gasa?

Ban-gasa’s frames are thick like a soul of Samurai who are
"Shitsu-Jitsu-Gou-Ken (this mean is simplicity, strong both physically and mentally)".
On the other hand, Janome-gasa is delicate like a woman from old times in Japan.
In general, Ban-gasa is mainly used by men because the weight is heavy.
And then women prefer Janome-gasa relatively lightweight to the former one.
Both of these have used as the umbrellas for rain.

What's Janomegasa?

Janomegasa(Bull's-eye umbrella, Janome-Gasa) is used in rainy weather as with Bangasa. Pattern of "Bull's-eye" that appears when open to umbrella is characterized.

More Lightweight than Bangasa, may be used in the dance. Jyanomegasa has been a favorite for those of primarily women.

The color is purple, and bull's-eye pattern that two colors alternately became circle. More than average size, so when you open an umbrella in the rain, you will hardly get wet in the rain. Is ideal for visiting the city of your favorite clothes and wearing a kimono.

The inner part of the frame has been decorated with yellow fancy yarn.

The handle portion is Tou-Maki(Wound around wisteria) for non-slip. And, the handle is able to opening umbrella the two-stage. Windy days, please holding an umbrella in the bottom it. You can prevent the corruption of the umbrella. However, when used in too strong wind may break as well as ordinary umbrella.