Japanese dance Umbrella

Trad Japan
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Item Number Ju004
Item Name Japanese dance Umbrella
Price 3,700 YEN
40 U.S.dollars 30 euros
Packing weight about 600g
Size About
 Length 80cm,
 Diameter 80cm
Other Ribs: (Bamboo) 36
Stick (hand): Black paint, Tou-maki
Umbrella cloth: Paper

This Umbrella is used in Nippon Buyou (Japanese dance). Also used as a parasol and interior.

That is what has been sold in Japanese dance lessons. The item is old, it is an unused item.

This Umbrella is not greased, can't use in the rain. So, please use as when going out as parasol, or accessories when wear Kimono, or interior. Unlike the umbrella for rainy weather, you don't have to oiled to the paper.

What's Japanese dance Umbrella?

Japanese umbrella used in Japanese dance is called "Mai-gasa" or "Buyou-gasa", "Odori-gasa".

Many Japanese dance umbrellas is handle is longer and relatively light than umbrellas for rainy weather, to make dance easier. It material is mostly washi or silk. There is also a Japanese dance umbrella decorated more beautiful like watermark decoration or yarn ornament and etc.

About Japanese dance

What is called "Japan's dance" is classified into the following three type.

Typified by Kagura and Gagaku or Noh.
Dancing to solemnity songs or music. It's Quiet and graceful dancing. To be dedicated to God, or will be demonstrated at the festival stage.
Typified by Awa-dance and Bon-Dance.
Dance to lilt music or songs. Dance is very Moving. It's dancing at the Japanese festival.
Typified by Kabuki or Kamigata-Mai.
Represent everyday movements and gestures by music or songs.

However, say "Japanese Dance" In general, one of performing arts born of kabuki, it the purpose of performance on the stage.

Japanese dance called "Hou-bu" or "Nichi-bu" for short in Japan. In a traditional Japanese dance, It dance wearing a kimono with a Japanese fan (folding fan) or a Japanese umbrella etc..

There are a number of schools, the most famous five school called "Five Great school". Japanese dance is still loved many women as "enrichment lessons" for girl, or "Things lessons" for adult women.

This dance tend to be dancing one female or multiple female on the stage. They are white makeup when dance on stage.

It is a minority than women, men also dance Japanese dance. In Japanese dance there are two dance different, "Otoko-gata (masculine dance)" and "Onna-gata (feminine dance)". Wearing to kimono for men or hakama in the case of men dance.

On the other hand, It's not uncommon that men dressed as women and dancing "women's dance". Called "female impersonator" It is famous in Kabuki. It has a lot of fans the men figure of plays a beautiful woman.