Tobe Ware Teacup

2 piece set

Tobe ware is pottery made around the town of Tobe, Ehime Prefecture.
Ehime Prefectural Intangible Cultural Property designated.
Also known as "fighting equipment" is also called.
Production of pottery is the No.1 of Shikoku.
Originally, the producer of grinding wheels, grinding wheels crushed by the mill's waste, with the clay.
A little heavy on white porcelain, "zaffer" design features a blue light known as handwriting.
Because many of Tobe ware, handmade and well-known in the locality of origin across the country never saw not.
But that has been evaluated lovers a unique texture.
"Bizen ware" and "porcelain", "Kutani ware" Like many famous writers.
Many heavy, it is unbreakable, is solely reputation.
As everyday dishes are popular.
In 1976, the world's sixth national pottery, "producing traditional crafts" was designated as.
Traditional techniques are still being handed down.
More recently, work has become even more obsessed with fresh, modern techniques of traditional potters and young women.
The instrument often used as a boom in recent years, Sanuki udon.

Item Number Bc011
Item Name Tobe ware Teacup
Price 10,000 YEN
About 111 U.S.dollars 83 euros
Packing weight about 660g