Karatsu ware Teacup

2 piece set

"Karatu ware", the pottery is baked in Karatsu, Saga Prefecture.

Has been designated as a traditional Japanese crafts.
Foreign trade was based in an old Karatsu.

Pottery technology that was being transmitted from the Momoyama period.

Today,the ruins are scattered all over the Saga kilns.
Karatsu ware is characterized by simplicity and the spirit of Wabi.

Tea ceremony utensils, plates, bowls, etc. are preferred.

Momoyama period, was known as a masterpiece of the tea ceremony.

Be prepared for large-scalekilns. Tighten baked at temperatures of 1300 degrees at once.

Tea set has a renowned reputation as a design.
Very simple and there is not yet so distinctive bitterness.

Item Number Bc009
Item Name Karatsu WareTeacup
Price 10,000 YEN
About 111 U.S.dollars 83 euros
Packing weight about 550g