Kyo Ware Teacup

"Kyoto ware" is a kind of Japanese pottery.
"Awataguti burning", "Omuro ware" made in Kyoto and work collectively.
After firing once, give with the printed figures.
Using the techniques of pottery with a lot of printed figures, each characterized by a strong personality of the writer.
The biggest attraction is a brilliant blue and white ware with overglaze enamels.
That fits the image of Kyoto, a beautiful and sophisticated equipment.

Diversity of techniques and technology and is characterized by brilliant beauty.
Celadon pottery and porcelain from the dyeing overglaze enamels, kinrande, porcelain, and Chinese, like Seto, like Korea, like Shigaraki, like Mino etc.
Are aligned as if all over the country gathered together like pottery.
Kyoto is a long time has been the core of Japanese culture.
Thus, capital flowed into all the technology and Kyoto pottery pieces from around the country.
Leading to the overall beauty and the current Kyoto ware.

Item Number Bc008
Item Name Kyou ware Teacup
Price 10,000 YEN
About 111 U.S.dollars 83 euros
Packing weight about 550g