Tokoname Ware Teacup

Edo Period, "Tokoname Village" "Segi Village" "Houzyou Village" once burned in the village three pottery "Tokoname" called.

Tokoname prototype of the "old Tokoname" called.
Dating back to the late Heian period.
"Six ancient kilns of Japan" are counted as one.
Were made in the Heian period, "Kyouzuka-tubo".
It put things buried in the ground of Buddhist sutras written, hope was happy.

Muromachi Azuchi-Momoyama period, was mainly made tea supplies and flower arrangement supplies.
Jar until the Edo period, In the late Edo period, in addition to the supplies ikebana supplies and tea were the main products of the living unit.
From the Meiji period, and also many pots were produced tiles and sanitary ware toilet basin and soil pipe.
If in the locality is blessed with abundant good quality clay.
History of change of the main manufacturing products.
This has led to the current broad product mix.

Iron-containing raw material, which features a red color.
Skin Products Utilizing soil subjected to various products such as glazes, and is made of a variety of products.

Item Number Bc007
Item Name Tokoname ware Teacup
Price 10,000 YEN
About 111 U.S.dollars 83 euros
Packing weight about 660g