Satsuma Kiriko Cut Glass

Satsuma Kiriko,the Satsuma clan,cut-glass work produced early Edo and Meiji (faceted) is.
Glass "Satsuma","Satsuma Bidoro" was also called.
Production has now been reprinted. Cut glass pattern is carved. Satsuma Kiriko, thick glass crystal glass with high transparency colors(1-3mm) is covered, is subjected to a detailed cut pattern.

Satsuma Kiriko at the time, few in existence are very valuable.
Are trading at an expensive antique.

Has been designated a traditional craft in Kagoshima Prefecture.
Thick cover glass was born by the bright colors, "Bokashi (shading)" called beautiful gradation.
This is the hallmark of Satsuma Kiriko.
Also true Japanese style "Bokashi (shading)" with a unique art has been highly regarded in the history of glass art in the world.

Even today, cut from the molding equipment to Migaku Ken, all of them handmade.
Warmth and handmade color will gradually weaken the "Bokashi (shading)" technology.
Also true Japanese style "harmony" is the atmosphere.

Satsuma Kiriko restore color "red", "indigo", "purple", "green", "yellow", "red gold" and the original "Ruri" of seven colors.
In addition, it was announced in 2005 a new "Shimazu purple" plus eight different colors.
In addition, using new technology in 2001, announced a new product.
Two different colors of colored glass stacked on top of colorless glass, "Satsuma Kiriko covered two colors."

"Satsuma Kiriko covered with two colors," the money "Ruri", "azure green", "pale yellow-green," there are three color variations.
The new monochromatic combination of cutting patterns and fabric shades not attractive stacked three layers.
"Bokashi (shading)," to express the most.
Oriental vivid colors deep, yet very transparent.
Watermark as it were light, so light reflected or transmitted by the other side that looks completely different appearance.

Item Number Bc015
Item Name Satsuma-kiriko glass
Price 50,000 YEN
About 555 U.S.dollars 415 euros
Packing weight about 510g