Arita Porcelain Plate

3 piece set 

Imari&Arita Porcelain Info

It's difficult for foreign customers to tell Arita ware, Imari ware from Nabeshima ware, especially can't tell which is Arita ware. To the best of our knowledge, well show you the difference, Arita ware is the porcelain baked in Arita, Mikawachi or Hasami(Nagasaki prefecture), almost vessels from a center of Arita town (Saga prefecture). And Arita ware is also referred to as Imari, a term taken from the port shipped these vessels.

These porcelain called "Imari" in English, in general.
There fore people consider Arita ware and Imari ware as the same, however, "Imari" is general and broad alias, all over rang of Hizen, total name compared with "Arita".
Ko(old)-Imari is the name of porcelain in the Edo period in general.
The beginning of the product is said in early 1600. The raw materials are Izumiyama stone or Amakusa stone for porcelain and pottery.
When Gen. Hideyoshi Toyotomi dispatched of troops to korea. See Ping Lee(Li shan pei); the father of Arita porcelain engineer, was brought by Lord(in Hizen) Naoshige Nabeshima to Arita in Japan. He struck a rich vein of white earth, opened his kiln in Tengudani, and baked the first porcelain in Japan.

The primary Imari ware, Kakiemon ware, Old "Kutani" and "Kinrande" ware (brocade style) are classified according to the pattern and the period. We have another special "Nabeshima" ware baked only for tribute to VIP and "KinUra" ware only for Imperial House.
Porcelain had been in general use and product in all over Japan since around the second half of Edo term, All over Japan, Arita has been well-known and long-running production since then. After connected all the more to the development of ceramics and porcelain, Arita reigns the top brand in Japanese porcelain production world.

In addition Minister of Economic Industry Agency designated as Japan Traditional Industrial Arts in 1977(showa-term 52).
We cannot commend too much as Arita porcelain is the top of the would among the handicraft. There are many vessels from the cheep to the expensive, We have you'll get not only touching our real Arita ware and Imari ware, but feeling our classic culture, being Japanese pride to the world.


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Item Name Arita Porcelain Plate
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Packing weight about 750g