Teacup Sengoku

This teacup is Mino ware with Kamon (family crest) of Samurai in Warring States Period.
Mino ware is accredited with Japan Traditional Industrial Arts by Economic Industry Agency now.
They are proud of the possession rate of more than 50% in Japanese ceramics and porcelain. There are many ceramics fixed for these warriors family; the Odas, the Toyotomis, the Tokugawas, the takedas, the Uesugis, the Naoes, the Hohjos, the Sanadas, the Imagawas, the Ishidas, the maedas, and the Mohris etc.
They are all famous generals. Samurai fanatic can wait. Our teacups are made in Japan, and size is 7cm x 10cm.
Item Number Bc001
Item Name Teacup SENGOKU
Price 1,000 YEN
About 11 U.S.dollars 8 euros
Packing weight about 450g