Kutani Ware

Kutani ware are from Kanazawa city, Kaga city and Nomi city in the southern area of Ishikawa prefecture, where porcelains with color-painted pictures are produced.
The origin of Kutani ware is : the men in Kutani village went to Arita in Saga prefecture to master the skills, and then Daishoji Clan in Kutani village started with the policy of higt producut growth.
Talking of the old kutani, some insist that they are the same ware as Arita(in Saga) ones, and some don. There is still a question in controversy in each source.
Kutani ware has two representative ware, one is the perfection with using splendid color as a lot of green or blue paints, and the other is the old kutani with bold and innovative design.
Kutani ware are also referred to as Ku(nine) taken from the number 9 in Japanese (9 meaning the most number) and Tani (valley) taken from being many valleys in this site.

Item Number Bh001
Item Name Kutani ware
Price 1,500 YEN
About 17 U.S.dollars 13 euros
Packing weight about 510g