Drawstring-top Cobwebbing

(Himo-tsuki koma)

Koma,Top-Trad Japan-

By gyro-effects, top (Koma) is one of Japanese traditional playthings for children, with being axis for rotating. It a game for children, in some country also enjoyment for adults.

There is another adults plaything called ake-goma(gamble with tops). It is allowed that they are also used in traditional feat, such as acrobatics.

Just rotating is fun, and there is also another fun to watch the pattern and color-change, risen by spins.

You can enjoy competing the time of being rotated by hands and string, and playing with by spinning them separately, bumping them into other Koma, and sliding on the string or turning your palm.

Koma,Top-Trad Japan-
Item Number Gb003
Item Name Drawstring-top
Price 1,500 YEN
About 17 U.S.dollars 13 euros
Packing weight about 120g