Imitation Samurai Sword
Three-piece set
Long sword(honsashi) & Small sword(wakisashi) & Pedestal

NagasoneKotetu Shinsengumi IsamiKondo model

Japanese swords are made by the swords of the generic process for producing indigenous to Japan.
Swords in Japan were made from the Kofun period.

Japanese swords are generally called, emerged in the late Heian period.

The curved form has become mainstream since the late Heian period.
Our product, "The Tonight KOTETSU are bloodthirsty" is an important sword Kondou Isami Shinsengumi's famous oratory.

IKEDAYA during the incident, now known as noted sword.
Whereas the original hurt enough to lose their professional team noted sword in the other, the Kondo "KOTETSU" has kept the spill from a little edge to their original shape despite impressive.
Item Number Ha001
Item Name Imitation samurai sword
Price 22,000 YEN
About 244 U.S.dollars 183 euros
Packing weight about 4,500g