Fortune Feng Shui Figurines
Seven Gods Owl
Good luck, and Seven Lucky Gods cute owl figurines

Not hard (owls) and write.
Example is hard to know.
"Luck is coming" is said to be.
Owlis a bird long evity.
"Can live longer" is pleased.
Owl turnsh is head 360 degrees.
"Good business" is said to lead to.
"The god of learning" is said to be.

Material: Resinde poly (plastic)
Item Number Kh002
Item Name Fortune Feng Shui Figurines
Price 4,000 YEN
About 44 U.S.dollars 33 euros
Packing weight about 1,000g
 Size 6.5 x 37cm width x heght depth 4cm
 weight  about 600g