Haniwa - Clay image

Armored Man

Haniwa Haniwa Haniwa Haniwa Haniwa
Item Number Ha001
Item Name Haniwa Armored Man 001
Price 1,000 YEN
11 U.S.dollars 8 euros
Packing weight about 530 g
Size About Length 19 cm

There are some scratches and dirty because of antique. Please check some problems until you enough to convince in photos.

What's this?


This is a replica of the Haniwa(ancient clay image).
Haniwa were made between the Kofun period from the Jomon period, and excavated these from all over Japan.

This product is handmade and it seems a replica of the early Showa era.
That's what we fortunately got at the antique market.
There is a little dirt and is filled with ambience and charm of old history.

It is a simple style and the color of brown is a warm color.
That’s why you can use it as the interior of your apartment.
On the other hand, natural color is popular that it is match with flowers and plants at a garden and more often you use this, more and more charm it has.
Haniwa are earthenware it gives a pleasure that the color change with weather for long life.

About This Haniwa

Haniwa - Clay image

This is a replica of the “Haniwa Armored Man” that is one of national treasures and is a brilliant haniwa in all of human shaped haniwa.
The haniwa warrior wears a visorless keeled helmet (shokakutsuki) with protective flaps.
This also wears gauntlets.
The warrior's right hand holds a sword slung from his waist, while his left hand holds a bow.
This detailed style shows a eastern country’s man armed to the teeth.

Haniwa - Clay image Haniwa - Clay image Haniwa - Clay image Haniwa - Clay image Haniwa - Clay image