Beckoing cat

Beckoing cat,Manekineko-Trad Japan-
Beckoing cat,Manekineko-Trad Japan-

In Japan, cats are regarded as auspicious.
Ornament, and look as if they are inviting good luck.
Almost of them put up the right hand or the left one.
The right hand invites money, and the left one invites customers.
It is usiness prosperity.
This commodity describes Cat parent and child, and pray for parent and child's good luck. We suggest to prepare Beckoning cat as an interesting objet at a party.
Today we have only this style to sell here, though.
We plan to get more and more Beckoning cats now on.
Please come and see them at anytime.

Item Number Da001
Item Name Beckoing cat
Price 1,800 YEN
About 20 U.S.dollars 15 euros
Packing weight about 990g