Photo stand typed Byoubu (folding screen)
This screen was made of lacquerware in product of Yamanaka lacquer, where is hot springs area named Yamanaka in Kaga city(Ishikawa prefecture).
Lacquerware are products there as the memory of trip.

Shikki is craftwork coated with lacquer on bamboo, wood and cloth materials, painted and piled. Yamanaka lacquer has proud of its long history; started in the latter half of the 1500s. In English, lacquerware call "Japan". As ceramics and porcelain call "China".
That why European and American look on lacquerware as Japanese special product.

And the picture on this screen is wisteria.
Talking of wisteria , there are 8 kinds of wisteria seeds in the world, in Japan we have only 2 kinds named Fuji (another name Noda-Fuji) and Yama-Fuji.
In Japan , Fuji expresses Noda-Fuji, distributed over Temperate Zone and Warm Zone.

This is also a fashionable product that the picture and material remind you of traditional Japan. We suggest you to decorate this photo stand after put your nice memory-photo or your precious person in it.

Item Number Db001
Item Name Photo stand Fuji
Price 2,000 YEN
About 22 U.S.dollars 17 euros
Packing weight about 950g