Kasuri-Trad Japan-
Perfect for putting cup
We have 3 big-major Kasuri products in Japan, named Kurume Kasuri (Fukuoka prefecture), Iyo Kasuri (Matsuyama Kasuri) and Bingo Kasuri (Hiroshima prefecture).
We have coasters made of Kurume Kasuri.
Kasuri is fabric or textile, named after the pattern of appearance as suffering scrapes (Kasuri in Japanese) on dying and weaving cloth.
They are Japanese handy works to impress us calm and warmth.
All fabric were made in a Maker ; had many records exhibiting as industrial arts and products. We are happy when you can see the goodness of this fabric.
Also we have the great technique for wearing Kimono; that is, Kasuri is too strong to break after tatter in life, and so we call the Kimono kasuri.
They have been producting not only casual wears but formal wears as high-grade Kimono Kasuri since a long time ago.
Item Number Cc001
Item Name Kasuri
Price 800 YEN
About 9 U.S.dollars 7 euros
Packing weight about 100g