Chopstics,Hashi-Trad Japan-
Chopstics,Hashi-Trad Japan-
Hashi (chopsticks) are a pair of thin sticks that hold food between them when one eats and cooks. They are tools peculiar to the Orient, and were influenced from Chinese culture, gradually charged various styles and designs into present forms.
These goods called Meoto-bashi(chopsticks for couple) are delightful presents to your parents on their celebrations in Japan.
This is one of benefit goods as presents or own possesses.
Anyway it's difficult to use them skillfully.
Please enjoy learning Japanese and Oriental culture. person's in it.
Item Number Cf001
Item Name Chopsticks
Price 1,000 YEN
About 11 U.S.dollars 8 euros
Packing weight about 120g