Towel Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan

Towel printed Kanji
Towel printed Kanji
Towel Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan (Wind-Woods-Fire-Mountain)

This is the known idiom taken from the words in the court-martials, written by confucianist "Sonshi" in ancient China.

It means "Move fast like the wind", "stand quietly like the woods", "Skim over and invade like the fire", "stay fixedly like the mountain against the attack".

This idiom is very famous for his flag mark, that is, General Shingen Takeda being in the Warring State Period.

He was one of glamourous generals by many Samurai fans, who was heroic and great intellect on the battle, so he was called "Tora"(tiger) like the king of beasts.

Item Number Ae001
Item Name Towel
Price 1,000 YEN
About 11 U.S.dollars 8 euros
Packing weight about 150g