Fushikizo Fushikizo Fushikizo Fushikizo Fushikizo
Item Number No003
Item Name Fushiki-Zo
Price 150,000 YEN
1670 U.S.dollars 1250 euros
Packing weight about 1,000g
Size about 22cm
Sold Out!!

Craftsman is all done by hand one by one. Noh mask is authentic. There is nothing exactly the same. We can not mass production. Material is using Japanese Zelkova serrata.

The masks are not "carve", it is said he "beat". It is facing the masks of "implantation the heart."

We think Noh mask which conceals the emotions, and it very interesting subject. You can know the joy out of work, called "watch while imagining the state of the carver."

Please enjoy the traditional Japanese arts world, Noh.

What's Fushiki-Zo?

"Fushiki-Zo" is the "Zo-Onna".
When making one Zo-Onna, By chance used a knotty Japanese cypress. It will cause, the tar was oozing from the root of the left side of the nose, and became pale blue stains.
It would normally be repainted. But, it was not repainted because finish of the noh mask was wonderful.
By that, this noh mask became known as "Fushiki-Zo". And it was admitted as a one of Noh Mask.

Visage is a feeling gently and young than Zo-Onna.
It is representative of Hosho style noh masks. The underlying Fushiki-Zo in Hosho style is said to be a beautiful colored by noticeable "beside Brush marks(Yoko-Hakeme)".

Fushiki-Zo will be used in the same way the noh masks of the following: "Waka-Onna" of Kanze, "Ko-Omote" of Komparu and Kita, "Magojiro" of Kongo.