Vintage wooden
Bosatsu mask
Mask of Bodhisattva-Trad Japan-
Mask of Bodhisattva-Trad Japan-
 Mask of Bodhisattva-Trad Japan-
 Mask of Bodhisattva-Trad Japan-

Maitreya dry lacquer surface Treasures!
I can well woodgrain!
Size: 15x26 about (cm)
Age (estimated): -Showa
Note:scratches and dirt, and peeling.

Maitreya. (Miroku Bosatsu)
"Sit Gautama was "followed by"Buddha"
and that it was
Bodhisattva(thetraining) is.
After the death of Shiddatta appeared 5,670,000,000 years into the future, that is are lief to many people.

Until then,training in the heavens (or sermon) is said to have been.
In China, Japan, Korean Peninsula, "is hoping submission just trying to Maitreya," Faith (belief epigyny) were prevalent.

 Item Number  Kh001
 Item Name  Bosatsu mask
 Price  2,000 YEN
 About  22 U.S.dollars 17 euros
 Packing weight  about 600g