Toys Gimmick KUMIKI
Toys Gimmick KUMIKI-Trad Japan-
Toys Gimmick KUMIKI-Trad Japan-
Traditional Japanese carpentry.
Thurs combination puzzle.
There are two trees in the main group.
Intersecting each other part of the stick.
Materials(such as animal buildings)the effigy.
Common to each,
  "Break down everything that is finished"
  "Apart from the state combined, making"
There are two play.
As a production, Hakone(Kanagawa Prefecture), Hikimi(Masuda, Shimane Prefecture) is famous.
Known as "hakone-zaiku" what was made in Hakone.

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Item Number Ga003
Item Name Toys Gimmick KUMIKI
Price 1,500 YEN
About 17 U.S.dollars 13 euros
Packing weight about 450g