Antique Kokeshi doll

Kokeshi dolls-Trad Japan- Kokeshi dolls-Trad Japan- Kokeshi dolls-Trad Japan-
Kokeshi dolls-Trad Japan- Kokeshi dolls-Trad Japan- Kokeshi dolls-Trad Japan-

Everyone love Kokeshi doll soooo much!!

This is Kokeshi doll. It started to be made as a souvenir of tour at Tohoku area, Japan. Every tourist gave it for child. It is easy for child to grip the neck and torso Because it is made like thin more and more.

However, Kokeshi have decreased the use as a toy for children. Instead, there are many collectors who love it around the world.

Some specialists said that foreign buyers have been buying up Kokeshi recently. Perhaps we think that it isn't easy to get an antique Kokeshi in japan.

This is also an antique one, that why it’s only one item. Please look the cute one on our site.

Do you know why Kokeshi is painted with red?
The answer is to protect for children from a disease.

A medical treatment had not developed like the present day in the past. So many children have lost their lives because of smallpox. The color of red is a symbol for protecting children from smallpox, and makes children happy.
Recently, there are so many kinds of Kokeshi what are several varieties of color and shape.

How to make Kokeshi is very simple. But each facial expression is different one by one. Have fun watching Kokeshi doll!

But in our goods, some Kokeshi have a little problems. For example, some of it have some scratch, some of it have a dirty. However we consider it is important that you like it or not. So please take your time to choose one or more that you like Kokeshi. Perhaps you can feel the mind of previous owner.

There is no rule of watching Kokeshi on our site. Please watch our site! It’s free!


There are some scratches and dirty because of antique.
Please check some problems until you enough to convince in photos.

Kokeshi is a wooden craft.
Please save it away from the direct sunlight in place where have been maintained constant humidity as possible.
If you put it on the direct sunlight, it would become the deterioration of color and wood.
If you put it on at a place where severe changes in humidity, it would cause cracking and mold.

 Item Number  Ko001
 Item Name  kokeshi dolls 001
 Price  4,000 YEN
 About  50 U.S.dollars 37 euros
 Packing weight  about 600g
 Size  about
  Length 25cm,
  Diameter 6.5cm