Antique Kokeshi dolls  
Kokeshi dolls-Trad Japan- Kokeshi dolls-Trad Japan- Kokeshi dolls-Trad Japan- Kokeshi dolls-Trad Japan-
Kokeshi dolls-Trad Japan-  Kokeshi dolls-Trad Japan-  Kokeshi dolls-Trad Japan-
Kokeshi are wooden folk dolls representing traditional Japanese craftman art. They be made to be originally toys for small children.
They are famous products indigenous to the Tohoku region, and in the late Edo period they were used as souvenirs for visitors to the hot springs. Their main characteristic is a cylindrically-shaped body with a round head. And there are many other kinds, too. Then they had narrow necks and thick bodies with, because it be easy for small children to grasp.
Increasing variety of toys, decreasing part of dolls as playthings. Even now there are many collectors watching their style and ornamental arts as well as their hobbies.
There are two kinds of Kokeshi dolls, of traditional type and of new type based on the traditional. This has different kinds of shape called Sosaku Kokeshi (creatine kokeshi).
And the dolls are made and sold in all over Japan region as tourist souvenirs.
This old doll made in the Showa era, is one that we found at an antique shop
accidentally and luckily. The fact who made and where was produced is unknown, however the work would bring you feel the history of Japanese traditional culture with the unique mood.
Please excuse us to show you the old ones with tiny scratches or rubbed, that the reason why it has a long history into ruin.
Thank you for your judge only by the photo, and can complain and return after you got it.

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