Yukata,Kimono-Trad Japan-

Kimono is out of uniform. In Japan,
in events such as summer festivals
and fireworks, a young woman
likes to wear. Wear naked. These days,
wear underwear. The dough is thin and airy.
Open. It is refreshing.
Is also used after a bath. Also used in pajamas
Official occasions and had been fit.
Old idea. Young women today do not think so.
There are many recent designs, and include
Western-style fashion. Some like short skirts.
Has become like fashion will be pursued.
Footwear, clogs or best still looks good.
Also sandals.
Japanese fashion worthy "Yukata" is!
Item Number Aa002
Item Name YUKATA
Price 2,500YEN
About 28 U.S.dollars 21 euros
Packing weight about 900g