Sensu or Ougi (folding fans) Small
Sensu,Ougi,Folding fan-Trad Japan-
Sensu,Ougi,Folding fan-Trad Japan- Sensu,Ougi,Folding fan-Trad Japan-
Sensu,Ougi,Folding fan-Trad Japan-
Is second hand.
There are some scratches.

Almost fans have frameworks of 10 to 20 thinly split, spread out bamboo on which Japanese paper is glued.
In the hot summer, fanning creates breezes and refreshment like Uchiwa(round fans).
We sell these fans only for right-handed person, however some shops have for left-handed person, too.
On using them, shake it or open the part of bamboo with dislocating little by little by your thumb.
As the shape of the unfolded fan is road ending toward the end symbolizing rising prosperity, it is also used as a prop for celebrations or as a memento.
Not only being used to create breeze, also using them for a law of etiquette; that is, written their message on Sensu or put some flowers every season on it.
The facts are buried in many old books as records of the past.
Samurai(warrior) treasured sensu as same as sword, so having a good Sensu would be a kind of status to Samurai.
There was also Tessen (made of iron) as a stealthy instrument.
Sensu originated in Japan can be compacted and handled easily.
By this goodness, Sensu came into fashion into Middle Europe.
Having both the beauty of ornaments and taste of decorating, Sensu are indispensable props for classical Japanese dance and others.
Please enjoy these Japanese traditional crafts.
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