Sash Band (Tsukuriobi) Obi,Sash Band-Trad Japan-
Sash Band (Tsukuriobi)
It is essential for Japanese to wear Kimono.
Today said Band is worthy of Kimono in the current Kimono world.
It is fastened over a tied sash with holding the right
or left collar and can be arranged to adjust thewidth and length of the person.
Band is provided for not only practical use alsoornamentation in women kimono wearing.
Every man has taste, so wondering if the kimono fits closely or not.
Today we are ready for wonderful Bands to fit Yukata (Informal cotton kimono without lining) on sale here in shop.
We have many type of women belts such as Maru-Obi(Round Belt) or Fukuro-Obi(Sack Belt).
As for making representative styles of fastening a sash for the beginner, we have the easy bands to fit at a touch. Be relieved by this easy-way for the inexperienced.
We are supposed to get more and more many kinds of them.
Please come and check them out.
Item Number Ab003
Item Name Sash Band
Price 2,000 YEN
About 22 U.S.dollars 17 euros
Packing weight about 750g