Ornamental hairpin kanzashi

Kanzashi,Ornamental Hairpin-Trad Japan- Kanzashi,Ornamental Hairpin-Trad Japan-

This is a decorating tool for the black hair, a symbol of traditional Japanese women, extremely popular since the Edo period.
In those days it would be used for self-protection against enemy occasionally.
There are many varieties in it,"Kang Chile", "Kang Villa", "Jade hairpins" etc.
And many materials, gold, silver, copper, jade, amber, and bamboo, etc.
Also plentiful design of ornaments.
Try and find out your own favorite.
It was a necessity ornament for women since ancient time, especially swinging lit hairpin ... birabira Kanzashi) has been very popular for the young generation.
Hairpins must be traditional articles to enjoy Japanese culture of woman life.
We are planning to in crease amazing goods as many as possible from now on.
Please come and check them out!

Item Number Cb001
Item Name Kanzashi
Price 3,000 YEN
About 33 U.S.dollars 25 euros
Packing weight about 280g