Bamboo dragonfly
Take Tonbo,Bamboo-copter-Trad Japan-
Take Tonbo,Bamboo-copter-Trad Japan-

2 piece set, 3 piece set, 5 piece set
It is handmade.
Please enjoy the feel of bamboo!

Bamboo (bamboo dragonfly) is a traditional Japanese toy flight formed by the propeller and shaft.
Because it was often made using bamboo, this name now.
One theory is Edo era "Hiraga Gennai" theory that has made.
But in fact what has been excavated from the ruins like Nara, is said to be from ancient times was a toy.
The school classes are supposed to pass the flight time of 4 seconds or more to fly on your own.

Bamboo is a long time for 4 seconds.
In order to clear, it seems a reasonable balance must not mechanically.
Get used to playing, is one of the charms make your own fun.
Item Number Ca004
Item Name Bamboo Dragonfly
Price 600-1,000 YEN
About 7-11 U.S.dollars
5-8 euros
Packing weight about 200g
How to play Bamboo Dragonfly?

  1. Just above the point the bamboo. Diagonally toward the front.
    Lower the hand, and extend the elbow.
  2. Readies the body loose and limp.
  3. Central bamboo hand (base of the finger) is sandwiched between, moving your left hand and pull your right hand.
    Bamboo comes to supporting the position of left and right at your fingertips.
  4. From this position with out moving your left hand and push a strong right hand.
  5. Bamboo and go right to the tip of his left hand vigorously pops.
  6. Instead of throwing it to rotate.

To raise a child is throwing a bamboo in the sense to throw the ball.
Please convinced to give rotation to fly.

Bamboo dragonfly Bamboo dragonfly Bamboo dragonfly

Poised, pull your right hand, right hand forward, projecting slightly downward.
Bamboo is as pinning jump.